Haunted Dollhouse

Get ready, it’s almost here!

Check out this haunted dollhouse.


Trick or Treat!  We’re waiting for you…


My friend (to your right) dieted a little too much this year.


Candy anyone?

head on shoulders 2

Yes, I’m talking to you little girl.


Please don’t step on the flowers!



Pick a room and spend the night with us.


How about a little treat?


Have you been “Booed?”  This is fun!  Our daughter and her family were “Booed” for the first time last year.  This involves making up gift bags, placing them at the doors of friends/neighbors with a note attached, ringing the doorbell and running! There are lots of fun things for Halloween already on sale, be creative and conjure up some fun.  You can use candy, but we preferred not to use edibles. My grandson and I packed little bags with Halloween projects for three families in his neighborhood.  When it started to get dark, he did the running and we strolled along behind him.

For details go to http://www.beenbooed.com/ for details.

Woohoo…….what fun.



This is a great time of year to tell stories and read.

Hot cider, donuts, a big fuzzy blanket, and a good book are the ingredients for the perfect Halloween potion.

digitalbookcoverupdated (2)EASmokeandMirrors Front Cover (3)-page-001



Autumn – the season of colors and change

I love shuffling through colored leaves and the cooler temperatures with the hint of winter on the wind that fall brings.  Visiting farms to pick your own apples and pumpkins, the excitement of trick or treat and Halloween parties no sooner end then we are launched into the holiday season.

“Yellow, Orange, Green, and Brown, All the leaves keep falling down!”  These perfect words, for describing fall, come from a little book entitled Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.  It’s a sweet book about a squirrel named Pip who doesn’t understand why his tree is dropping its leaves.  Leaf Trouble is the perfect bedtime read for young children.  Unfortunately, the book can only be purchased through Scholastic Books.  Ask your child’s teacher when the next book fair at your school will be or if she can order it for you.

Thanksgiving.  For me, this is the forgotten holiday squeezed in between Halloween and Christmas.  Somehow it never seems to get the attention it deserves at my house.  I don’t decorate as much, I don’t get to watch the parades on TV any more, and I’m already tired just thinking about the upcoming month!  For some, Thanksgiving is the most important day of the year spent with family and friends, as it should be.  For others, it’s the point the stress of the holidays begins.  So, let’s talk about reducing the stress before it starts.  This would be considered my Busy Mom Tip or rather “tips.”

Get organized. 

  1. Mark all upcoming events on your calendar. Say no to anything you really do not want to do.
  2. Make lists and keep making them of everything you MUST do.
  3. Be prepared. Plan your menus in advance and shop as early as possible for the non-perishables.  Perishables should be the only reason you need to shop a few days before the event.
  4. Cook and bake anything that can be frozen with good results ahead of time.  I make and refrigerate my pie dough and cookie dough as far ahead as two weeks and then only have to bake on the day before I need them.
  5. Shop early. Wrap early.  Decorate early.
  6. Ask for help…don’t be a control freak! This was the hardest thing for me to learn, it took over 40 years of doing every holiday meal myself before I realized I really could ask for help and actually get it.  Ask family members to share the load.  Hubbies and teenagers who drive can help with shopping and errands.  Younger children can dust, vacuum, set the table, haul folding chairs, shovel snow, entertain younger children, clear the table and help with the dishes.  Yup, they really can, and you’ll be surprised how much they’ll appreciate feeling important.  Friends and family will be happy to bring their favorite dish when invited to your home.  If you do this right you may end up only having to light the candles!
  7. Reciprocate. When invited to dinner or a party always ask “what can I bring?”  Make sure the hostess knows you mean it.  During the party and after help with cleanup, no excuses, every little bit helps.
  8. This is my favorite…EAT OUT! We have a local family restaurant that cooks a whole lot better than I do and they’re open on Thanksgiving.  Now all I have to do is convince the rest of the family how much fun it would be…don’t hold your breath on this one.
  9. No matter where you spend Thanksgiving, when you are gathered around the table be truly thankful for your blessings. Enjoy the food, but also enjoy the company and see if you can’t incorporate family dinners more often in your everyday life.
  10. Finally, as my mother-in-law always said when saying grace, “let us be mindful of the needs of others.”


Thanksgiving in miniature.   Here’s a picture perfect dining room with everything including the turkey.  Of course, it only looks like this before everyone dives in.  Fitting your family around this table may be a challenge.



Thanksgiving project for your dollhouse:  Make your own Thanksgiving vegetable – a mini bowl of green peas. Glue some mustard seeds into a tiny pot or bowl.  Paint them green with craft paint.  Voila! Dinner is served.  Very simple and very adorable!  Look around your local craft store for anything that can be used as a miniature bowl and don’t forget the jewelry aisle!  There are all kinds of tiny items in this aisle that can be used for making miniatures.


Reader Contest

Enter to win a free copy of Emerson’s Attic, The Blue Velvet.  Place your name and mailing address in the “leave a reply” section at the bottom of the blog and submit it to me.  Ten lucky readers will receive a copy of the book mailed to their home.  Last day to enter will be Tuesday, December 14th.  Winners’ names will be drawn on December 15th and announced in the following blog.  Don’t just enter because you like free things, upcoming contests will be based on questions from the book.  If you don’t win you can still enter future contests by ordering your own paperback or e-book from amazon.com.


Guest Blog

Check it out!  Friday November 21, I’m doing an author interview on


Orchid does a great job reviewing middle-grade and young adult books, and her blog art is a feast for the eyes.

Little play on the Thanksgiving theme there…feast…get it?

Do you know what your children and teens are reading?


Coming up in the next blog:  The “flying turkey” and more.

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House for Sale


 front of house  3

The Rosedawn Plantation – designed and constructed by the Lawbre Company is a magnificent statement in the Antebellum Southern Classical Greek Revival tradition. The Rosedawn contains three floors with twelve rooms and measures 55″ Wide x 26″ Deep x 37″ High.  The Rosedawn is the ultimate in dollhouses and the perfect gift for daughter or granddaughter. Visit Lawbre.com to appreciate their craftsmanship.

The Rosedawn, completely electrified and all but one room meticulously decorated, is being offered for sale to the highest bidder (over the owner’s pre-determined minimum) with or without the existing furniture.  If you want a superior quality dollhouse and don’t have the time or interest in doing the detail work, this is the house for you.  If you are a miniature enthusiast you will recognize the quality of this house and an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


20141028_12112220141028_121357Bedroom 1

The house located in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington DC area is large and significantly heavy.  The successful bidder will be responsible for picking up the house and/or arranging for packing and shipping.  The original shipping crate is available.

Please send bids to me with your contact information and I will forward them to the owner for consideration.  Christmas is just around the corner…don’t delay.