Bedtime Stories

The best time of the day for me has always been bedtime.  Snuggling up with a child to read a bedtime story is my idea of fun. Whether you like the old classics or a new contemporary story, there is no limit of books to choose from as the sun goes down and the child settles in your lap for a story.

IMG_0803On one of his nightly reads, our grandson introduced me to the 5 Minute Stories by Marvel.  Super heroes are new to me, but a 5-minute story sounded like a great way to get through a topic I’m not particularly fond of.  However, children are not stupid…it takes three 5-minute reads to equal the regular 15-minute read.  You know what that means, two more stories about super heroes.  No problem, I don’t read super heroes that often and IMG_0800it’s worth it to spend more time with a little boy who would rather have “Pap” reading to him.






One down, one to go.  Goodie, a princess story next.  Wrong, she wants super heroes too.  What am I missing here?  When do we go into the princess phase?  Not soon enough for me.  Oh well, what are grandmother’s for?

I love the concept of the 5-minute read so I wanted to introduce them to you.  However, when I went to take pictures of the books, I found myself on the bedroom floor surrounded by piles of books that I love.  Wait, there are too many wonderful books!  I can’t just talk about two.  An hour later, I had finally narrowed my selection down to a few favorites and felt bad about the larger pile that didn’t make the cut.   Note to self:  Blog on bedtime stories more often.

The little bedroom library runs the gamut of topics, silly, funny, scary, and serious.  Did you notice, there is no “pretty” mentioned…hmm.

A Mama for Owen is one of our favorites because of it’s sweet story and beautiful art.  Truly a lovely story and the kids love the animals.IMG_0807

Another favorite is The Pout Pout Fish with it’s tongue-twisting rhythm that gives me practice for reading in public.

If I can get through The Pout Pout Fish without a stumble, then I’m in good form.IMG_0808


Maybe A Bear Ate It! and Interrupting Chicken are great fun.  Interrupting Chicken is the perfect read if you have a little person who is constantly in need of your attention when you’re trying to carry on a conversation with another adult.  Check it out, it could be one of the best purchases you ever made.


For me, you can’t beat The Velveteen Rabbit.  This well-worn and well-loved classic will never go out of style.

Find it and cherish it.

Finally, come the books that I believe mean more to grandparents than to kids, the recordable books.   Hallmark hit it out of the park with these.  We bought every one available for Christmas and birthday gifts so that our grandchildren would hear our voices after we’re gone.  These books are true keepsakes.  When our daughter told me she could hear our voices coming from other rooms when the 2-year-old opened a recordable books, it brought tears to my eyes.  The best gift a grandparent can receive is knowing their grandchild knew enough to open a book to hear their voice.


In my heart, I hope Emerson’s Attic hits a favorite list somewhere out there.

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