Deck The Halls

 Ho, Ho, Ho…Merry Christmas




One of the best parts of the holiday season is making decorations and gifts.  This is especially fun when you can do it with your children.  Here’s a lovely ornament idea for dollhouse enthusiasts.   Hang them on your tree, in the windows of your home or tie on that special gift.  Copy the ideas to the windows on your existing dollhouse windows for an enchanted Christmas look.



Materials & Supplies:

Mom or Dad is needed for cutting.

· Windows from your favorite dollhouse store on search on line.

· Emery boards

·1/2″ strip wood
· Craft knife, Easy Cutter or Dobson Miter-Rite
· Weldbond®
· Oil-based primer and mineral spirits
· Fine flat-bristle sable brush
· Assorted craft paint brushes
· White satin-finish interior latex paint
· Craft paints in red, green and gold
· Snow-Tex
· Plastic knife
· Iridescent glitter, lace scraps, wreaths, garlands, trim, etc.
· Mini-Drill with 1/32″ bit
· Optional: tiny brass screw eyes, narrow ribbon cord


1. Slide the acetate pane out of the window. Use an emery board to sand any rough edges, especially in the grooves on the window casting.

2. Cut a 2 1/2″ length of strip wood for the interior window sill. This may be cut with a craft knife, Easy Cutter or Dobson Miter-Rite. Glue to the back of the window and let dry.

3. Use a fine sable brush to apply a thin coat of an oil-based primer like Kilz® (use mineral spirits to thin it, if necessary) to all sides of the window and sill. Avoid getting primer in the acetate pane channels. Clean up with mineral spirits and let dry. Sand again.

4. Paint with a thin coat of white satin-finish interior latex. Let dry. If necessary, sand again before applying a second coat.

5. Using craft paints and brushes, accent and embellish the window. Tip: When painting stripes on grooved mouldings, use a flat brush and pat it on the surface. When the paint has dried, any overlaps in the grooves can be scratched away with the tip of a craft knife.

6. Use a plastic knife to apply a thick layer of Snow-Tex to the top of the window and exterior window sill. Use a stiff-bristled craft paint brush to push the snow into place. Before it dries, sprinkle on iridescent glitter. Let dry.

7. Glue lace scraps to the back window frame for curtains.

8. Glue on a wreath, garland and/or other trim. Glue accessories onto the interior window sill.

9. Slide acetate pane back into position.

If you do not want to hang the window, skip steps 10 & 11.

10. With a 1/32″ bit, drill a hole in the center top of the window. Dip the screw end of a tiny brass screw eye into glue and twist into the hole.

11. Thread narrow ribbon or cord through the screw eye and tie it.


And, don’t forget little brother or sister…

Panda Bear Tree Ornament



My girls and I made these years ago for our church bazaar and I still love them.  This is a very simple little tree ornament made from items available at any craft store.  Blocks, pompoms, and eyes come in packages with numerous pieces so you will have plenty of materials to make an ornament for everyone on your Christmas list.  If your favorite craft store doesn’t have the building blocks, check a toy store or Dollar Store.  Be sure to use the smaller blocks as the big blocks are too heavy for most trees.

For each bear you will need:

Two white pompoms are approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter for body.

Four black  pompoms are 1/2 inch for paws.

Two black  pompoms approximately 1/4 inch for ears.

One black pompom approximately 1/8 inch for nose.

Small black beads for eyes.

Approximately 8 inches of 1/4 inch wide holiday ribbon for bow.

Fishing line or gold cord for hanging loop.

Clear Tacky Glue

Heavy duty staple gun.

Instructions:  Make a small bow from the ribbon and have Dad or Mom staple the bow and approximately 8 inches of fishing line or gold cord to the top of a block and glue to make sure it’s secure.  Tie the top of the cord into a knot for hanging.  Glue white body pompoms together and let dry.  When dry, glue on paws, ears, eyes and nose.  Once all parts of the panda are dry, glue him to the block.  Voila…there you have it, a sweet little panda for your tree.  To personalize the ornament, on the bottom of the block use a fine felt-tip pen to write the name of the person to whom you will be giving the ornament and the year.


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 Busy Mom Tip:  Have your children help choose their clothing the night before and hang or lay in a specific place to save time in the morning.  You’ll be amazed at how much time this saves.

Please leave comments, I’d love to hear from you and see pictures of your dollhouse.